How to predict football matches

Moneymaking party: when your bookie says BYOB

Bookie invites to moneymaking party with no-additional BYOB but it always looks like Bring Your Own… Bets! And always means the disposition between the bookie and the gambler. Bookmakers attach their sites full soccer statistics, but are they interested in gambler’s basic knowledge? Who cares! Tipsters are able to find their way and to predict football bets without bookie-helping. `Cause the bookie is just the mine to get the gold. What gold is? Gold is information! And information can be transformed to money. How to do it? To analyze and to make a plan. This plan is not secret, we’ll tell about efficient way to predict football bets. It’s a piece of cake, frankly speaking!

Table analytics

Bookmaker brings table to informate punters – punters should be ready to bring themselves more information. Every football league is a common of matches and the table illustrates summary of results. And don’t be skeptic, it’s really important. Because table-analytics brings you money when you know how to use this kind of analytics correctly. How to retrieve your advantage and detect football patterns. Than find betting exactness and make money. So how to analyze the table is there the favor mode of prediction? Here are some fundamental groups you can detect any soccer table any league 24/7/365

٠ Champion rally

٠ Euro cups rally

٠ «nothing to do» zone

٠ The zone to survive

You have seen these groups many times before. Teams go up & down and you should be against the clock! You must notice these 4 «blocks» and make decisions containing your notes. Not only containing – supplying! `Cause these kind of notes (4 blocks outlook) fit out bettors’ prediction skill. When Milan takes 9 place currently – does that imply they are not going to go higher? When Manchester United, being 7th, fights for top-5 – does that mean they are inside «nothing to do» zone?

No, no, no! And that’s the key! You have to analyze table to create correct view. Bookmakers make mistakes – bettors must deploy those errors. You have to tell apart teams moving up & teams standing one zone during all season. Than create your own table-view and predict football results using complete table outlook. It’s how to foretell the forthcoming football games. It’s how to analyze every league the bookmaker proposes. It’s how to find the profit, finally! But it’s not a full method, of course.

Fixtures to fix

Also important to have explanation with future games. Not that kind of explanation when you make only theories what team will grab the result. But the explanation supplies these theories some practice construction. Gamblers should remember that the bookie have no chance to make odds using next-game schedule. They use the past – we are able to use the future! Gonna be Arsenal – MU 7 may & and MU – Swansea the week before? What kind of match will be full-motivated?

5 April Chelsea got the win against Man City, 1 April Chelsea lost to Crystal Palace – was it something unexpected? You should know there were about 12 for Chelsea to lose & nearly 7 for Crystal Palace «draw no bet». If you just had placed 10$ games like that any time your tipster career – you have got 120 income each occasion. Easy money like they are (if you are prepared for these occasions, of course).

Someone thinks that only crazy-oriented bettors are able to place such a bet. Oh, rly? Only lazy bettors don’t usually place such a tips! That’s not the truth when some person tells about no-way prediction this kind of big teams loosing, `cause schedule-analytics always brings money. Punter can compare the opponents team will wait every round and take a benefit while this comparing. Does Man City indicate more motivational background for former EPL headers? Of course! So why shouldn’t you search out nearest opponents without such a match price? And check what bookmakers offer on some like Crystal Palace teams when the grand is preparing for another (bigger) game. That’s the points to check out:

٠ Current round opponents

٠ Next round opponents & international games (if the team takes place euro cups for example)

٠ Home/away current/next opponents (will there be some principal games)

٠ Rivals matches during 2-3 weeks

Current form comparison

Thus we got table notes and calendar reasons for place the bet, bur does it enough? Not at all likely. But tipsters are able to make it enough! Here is some checkpoint of oddsmaking using past results (that’s what bookies usually do, as you remember). No way to predict football results without searching some similitude inside last games. But here is also one key disagreement between bookmakers’ and tipsters way while this searching.

They use all matches – we have to use only important part of history. Does it matter Real took a Camp Nou’s victory in 1958? Yeah, when you are true madridista! And «oh, c’mon» when we are speaking about some betting constructions. Let bring this kind of stats to bookies – that’s their job. Like a predict-makers we have to practice current form comparison:

٠ This season meeting and 4-5 previous

٠ Correct score matching (nearest meetings)

٠ Last 5 games run (both teams)

٠ Quantity of scored/conceded goals during these games

What team has scored first, what kind of score nave been repeating most of the meetings? Is there some logical iteration inside the results we can compare with betting nomenclature? For example, when teams got 3-4 results near 1:2/1:3 – that weans key to bet «Over 2.5», «both team to score» and so else. When teams played last 4-5 previous matches with victory recharge (Lazio 2:0 Inter, Rome; Inter 3:1 Lazio, Milan) – that’s the key to place your wagers on home-playing team (or number of goals home-playing team if you search some iteration).

Gamblers also have to be about to detect both opponents current run. What part of table zone (4 blocks) takes teams and what part of table zone have taken their previous opponents? Have those teams had huge results before meetings? Is there any ties with co-played results? Just imagine: Arsenal lost to Liverpool and now faces off Tottenham, and Tottenham also played with Liverpool (2 weeks ago, for example) – what was the result? Hey-ho! Here is the definition of any football predictions! This method (comparing results with similar opponents) brings your betting accuracy and profit-oriented mode.

What’s to add?

Thus, these 3 types of prediction making are the fundamental ways of football results analytics and each other would be additional. But here is the secret – additional is absolutely area to capture your attention! Every time your make table, schedule & current form analyze – you have to make notes of something that called «all around sport atmosphere». News, interviews, previews, transfers – everything you can find. Why this part of prediction does contain a lot of sense but named additional? `Cause it’s a media part, not statistics! And while gamblers make there predictions news are able to change. How to stay on? How to learn base news-analytics methods? We’ll talk about this next article!

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